Structural Engineering

Structural Engineer has to make a structure safe, based on finance, time and quality.
Structural Engineering
Structural Engineer have to make a structure safe, based on finance, time and quality. We deliver design solutions that are functional, modern, economical and always adhere to existing building standards. They are durable, aesthetically-minded, comfortable and user-friendly. Our goal of customer satisfaction is the source of our high standard of quality.

ITHD Structural engineers design, plan and direct the structural construction of new buildings, or modifications and projections to existing properties or other structures. We make sure that forthcoming assemblies are safe and proficient of enduring the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as enlightening the structural integrity of existing buildings.

Key tasks include:

formulate reports, designs and drawings

create calculations about loads and stresses, deliver technical advice

choose suitable construction materials, acquire planning and/or building regulations approval

mediate with relevant human resource component required for outstanding completion

administering contracts, monitor and inspecting work undertaken by contractors

At ITHD structural engineers resolve technical problems - and help our architects accomplish their vision for the project, and together we deliver a phenomenal combination of services that will meet required standards.

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